Jubilee School is dedicated to providing a safe, happy and enriching learning environment, positively engaging and inspiring young people in their learning.

The curriculum is provided in a structured and supportive environment and is planned to meet the personal, academic and pastoral needs of the pupils at each stage of their schooling.

Jubilee School offers an education which exposes pupils’ to a broad, balanced, differentiated and relevant curriculum, presents them with challenges in which creativity is fostered and which is based on the essential elements of the National Curriculum.

The school has an excellent adult to pupil ratio with class sizes of up to a maximum of 5 students, enabling the team to give young people high levels of support at all times.

Jubilee school actively promotes a positive educational culture, through which students’ efforts are acknowledged and individual achievements are celebrated.

Jubilee School are proud to provide:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum tailored to each pupil’s individual needs and taking into account their Education Health Care Plan/Statement of Special Educational Needs.
  • Kinaesthetically led learning with pupil focused timetabling.
  • Teaching in small classes to assist with meeting the individual needs of each young person.
  • Opportunities to take part in a selection of external activities to develop social, emotional and life skills. This includes Watersports, Climbing, Sustainability Centre and various enrichment activities.


All students are given a “B-squared” baseline assessment in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT on entry to the school and this forms the basis of their programme of study.

Student progress is monitored as part of an on going process and is assessed at the end of each half term against National Curriculum levels.

Individually Tailored Programmes

Jubilee School delivers a structured programme of education, tailored to each student’s individual needs.

We take into account their Statement of Special Educational Needs and students are taught in small cohorts as well as individually, by fully qualified teachers.


Exam results for Summer 2021 included:
GCSE passes in Maths, Science and Art.
Gateway awards in Applied Science as well as awards in Functional Skills English

Gateway modules attained:
British Values
Keeping Safe & Healthy
Employability Skills Entry Level Certificate