All pupils at Jubilee School have an EHCP in place. This is reviewed at least annually, however an emergency review can be called at any time at the request of any professional working with the child or the parents/carers. If a child is in care, they will also have a termly PEP which allows all the professionals involved to discuss progress and set targets. All pupils have an individual behaviour support plan that can be reviewed at any point and individual targets are set based on either academic or personal needs. When a new pupil who is a child in care arrives, the SENCo will request the most recent EHCP and annual review paperwork and schedule the next annual review. This allows the SENCo to ensure that any interventions are implemented to support the child. The social worker will be contacted to arrange a PEP for the current term and to request the previous term’s PEP paperwork to check the targets and implement any necessary interventions.

PPG funding is used to purchase resources that support pupils in their education. This can be to support them academically or to support their mental health and wellbeing. Examples include laptops and software to support speech to text working, or sensory tools to support regulation.