Therapeutic Services

Our therapeutic model recognises that all the children and young people we support are individual and our provision is tailored to meet their needs and wishes from the point of admission and throughout their journey with us. Working closely with the Head Teacher and the school’s SENCO, Therapeutic support within the school is led by the Clinical Lead, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and is delivered by a core multi-disciplinary team of clinicians made up of Educational Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Psychotherapy.

The team are able to undertake a full range of specialist cognitive and mental wellbeing assessments and within the first 16 weeks of joining the school, a full assessment will be carried out on each child or young person which will then inform the development of an individualised clinical plan.

If indicated through the assessment the plan may include the provision of direct and or indirect, individual and or group therapeutic intervention. The school’s designated team reflects the needs of the children and young people that learn with us, however additional support can also be accessed from other specialists within the wider Clinical Team. This enables us to be responsive to any newly identified, time limited or changing needs of a child or young person throughout their placement with us.

Offering highly specialised screening, assessment, consultation, reflective practice supervision and bespoke training, the embedded Clinical Team work directly with the education team to develop a shared understanding of the child’s presenting needs and difficulties which may act as barriers to their personal and educational development as well as identify areas of strength which can support them to achieve, enjoy and fulfil their aims and wishes.

The clinical team support the education team in developing a pupil centred curriculum which proactively promotes the children and young people’s emotional, social and mental health. We aim to deliver the highest quality provision which maximises each person’s quality of life and personal achievements. Our evidence informed models are based on best practice guidance and are governed through the Outcomes First Group Governance Framework.

As well as classroom based interventions, the clinical team offer direct therapeutic work within the school’s designated therapy suite. This offers the children and young people a safe and private protected space within which to engage with their therapist.

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

All pupils have now been transferred onto an EHCP by their Local Authority, Statements of Special Needs Education no longer exist.

The EHCP is shared with all members of staff who work with the pupil. The EHCP will be reviewed at least annually, usually during the annual review process: this is to ensure that the education provided supports the specific needs of the individual. The Headteacher is responsible for ensuring that all staff are aware of the contents within the Education, Health and Care Plan.

Provision for pupils with an EHCP

In order for a pupil with an EHCP to reach their full potential they must have their individual education and other needs recognised and supported.

Jubilee School is a specialist school for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health related issues who are supported by professional staff with a wide range of experience and expertise in Social Emotional and Mental Health related issues and associated conditions.